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Current: 313.2
Loss: 2.8

I’m slowly chipping away getting closer to my first “mini” goal of 299. I’m a mere 14.2 pounds away. Now that the conference is over I figure I can stop making excuses and really start hitting the gym, more than I was before.

My sizes are changing and I’m learning to enjoy shopping again – not all the time but definitely more-so than when I was 400+ pounds. It’s still a strange thing though (shopping) because I automatically gravitate towards the biggest size in the hopes that I can get it to fit. So when it’s too big it’s a “whoa” moment that’s for sure. I went jeans shopping almost 2 weeks ago, it was a struggle. I could not find jeans to fit to save my soul but I ended up finally finding a pair of size 20s that fit amazing (and they were on sale). SIZE TWENTY. What the what?! I’m discovering my love of clothes that are pretty (feminine) and that I love instead of just settling for jeans and a tee shirt because that’s what fit. What I do find mildly frustrating is that why are plus size bras 1. so expensive 2. fairly ugly and 3. just don’t fit right regardless of getting sized by a professional? I want my clothes to enhance who I am (including wearing non-utilitarian like undergarments) not make me feel like oh well this is as good as it gets.

I’ve realized that my hair is starting to thin/fall out. Bummer. I knew it was a side affect of the surgery and I’m taking Biotin (on most days), so hopefully that helps. I haven’t had a haircut since July 2014 so I’m definitely overdo

It’s a strange thing everything that you attempt to prepare for in regards to potential ‘side affects’ from the surgery yet when they happen it’s like you’re left completely befuddled. Although, even with the struggles I’ve faced, I wouldn’t change having the surgery.

Later today I plan on going though my clothes, selling what I can to Clothes Mentor, and donating the rest. There are a lot of clothes that I simply don’t fit into anymore (woohoo). It’s time for a good closet/dresser purge. Time to let go of the past and move forward to the future.

Happy Monday!