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Current: 306.0
Loss: -7.2

What the heck?! I totally did not see that coming! I’m 7 pounds away from being under 300 pounds. I don’t think I’ve weighed less than that since maybe early high school? This morning I did photos in just my sports bra and shorts (for me it works better seeing the difference) and measurements. Since I started the pre-op liquid diet to today I’ve lost 40.25 total inches. Oh. my. gosh.

Some days I can really tell that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, other days when I look in the mirror I still see the same fat girl staring back at me. I know it all takes time. Made it back to the gym today and feel great – I even worked out with my incredibly sore legs and blisters on my pinky toes (*note always wear socks in your slide on shoes to walk around the zoo).

There have been challenges – oh goodness yes, but for me having gastric bypass was the BEST decision I have made. I do believe it literally saved my life.