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Current: 316.0
Loss: 3.6

So a lot of times when thinking about what to eat, especially if I’m going out to eat, really overwhelms me. It’s a bit better if I know where I’m going a head of time because then at least I can look at the menu/nutritional facts and plan it out. However when I have no idea where I’m going or if it’s a non-chain restaurant it’s tough to find the nutritional information. So yesterday the intern class took a trip to check out a partner church and we ended up at lunch with the pastor, but I took my time and really dissected the menu for the best option for me. It’s a learning process, so far I’ve made sure that I’m eating what I’m supposed to and not just gravitating towards everything else and there are still SUPER tasty options!

Alright, this is my week of craziness since the conference is on Thursday/Friday. Have a fantastic week!!