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April 9, 2017
Current: 225.8
No change.

Well at least I didn’t gain, so there’s that, right? I had my follow-up appointment post hernia surgery, everything is healing well and it should never return. The physician’s assistant prescribed me some powder for some skin issues around my belly button. That led to a conversation about a panniculectomy, so now I have consultation with my gastric bypass surgeon (who also removed my gallbladder and fixed my internal hernia) on the 27th about skin removal.

Honestly I don’t think my abdomen is deflated enough. I can’t even get out of the 220s, am I really a candidate for this? There’s a lot of pros/cons running through my mind as well as a million other thoughts regarding this. It’s super scary for me. Is it smart to do this before having kids? What about all the time off of work? What’s the recovery process going to be like? I guess at this point all I can do is have the consultation and go from there.

Also, guys, I don’t know if I’m legit going to be able to run this 5k. I’m TRYING. But running kills my abdomen, all of this skin flopping around even wearing compression tanks isn’t helping (also they ride up which is SUPER ANNOYING). I’m so frustrated with myself, I’m trying to turn that frustration into motivation but it leads to a lot of tears. I have no idea what I’m going to do. I just wanted to run a damned 5k.