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Hey guys –
Sorry I’ve really been slacking on this lately. Life has been crazy and I’m battling a little bout of super crankiness. The end of last month I had a consultation with my surgeon, Dr. White regarding skin removal on my abdomen. This is the same surgeon that did my gastric bypass, removed my gallbladder (during the same surgery time frame), and in March fixed my internal hernia – at this point I trust the guy with everything I have AND I feel I should probably have some sort of preferred customer discount card ha! 😉

Anyway, he examined the excess skin, explained the incisions, risks, and all that stuff. He said it really depended on the person’s mood that day on approvals but I’d hear something in 2-4 weeks. The nurse had me put on a bariatric gown which was mildly amusing as it was so very big on me (YAY), as well as these generic black cotton-ish panties this way every patient is seen in the same thing for insurance pictures. She then got this little paper ruler and proceeded to stick it in various folds of excess skin and snap photos. The nurse is such a lovely, kind hearted person but oh man this did not help my self esteem at all. She did however say, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be approved, so that was a bit of a relief.

Before leaving I agreed to talk at an upcoming informational seminar the office hosts for those interested in weight loss surgery. I’m not a great public speaker but this saved my life so I’m definitely willing to talk to those that are interested. While my journey, as many people, hasn’t always been easy this is something I’m more than willing to share about. After agreeing to that I went on my merry way into work.

I emailed one of my bosses as well as the HR lady just to see what my options are in case I got approved. I didn’t want to call the day before and be like oh yeah I need the next four weeks off. That’s just not my style. I emphasized that it all depended on insurance approval but I just wanted to get the conversations started.

A week later I’m sitting at my desk, typing away when my cell phone rings, the number looks semi-familiar so I answer it. It was the surgery scheduler calling saying she had my insurance approval. Say what? Really?!? I had to have some conversations with my bosses regarding when would be the best time to schedule surgery because I didn’t want to screw either department over (I split my time between administration duties and purchasing), once we had it figured out I was able to schedule surgery. It’s going to be in late August which gives me time to save up, mentally prepare, and really focus on healthy eating, exercising and just being the healthiest, strongest version of myself before this procedure.

I am SO excited and feel incredibly blessed regarding it. I never imagined my insurance would approve the panniculectomy. I’m also super scared, it’s a major surgery that takes a long time to recover. I know it’ll be worth it but it’s still not without a little fear. I told LR I want him there before I go back to surgery then he can come back after work since hospitals aren’t the most fun to be at lol.

So that’s where I am, getting back on the wagon and really figuring this thing out. I’m ready to focus on strength training and becoming the best version of myself that I can be.