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Current: 226.8
Loss: -1.2

I’ll take it! So I started a new part-time job on Monday working 1pm-5pm, then I’ll fill in for the full time receptionist when she has vacation. There’s a lot to take in, it’s more than just answering phones so it’s definitely keeping me busy. I’m hoping by having this job my stress decreases even just a little bit. What is nice is I’ll be able to eat lunch before going into work then dinner when I get home, so cutting out fast food! Also I’ll be able to get up and get my workouts done in the morning.

I’m (finally) getting back on track and feeling really good about it. Phew! Last night on our way to dinner LR (boyfriend) said, “So I was looking back through pictures from when we first started dating and you’ve definitely lost weight.” He’s a keeper 🙂

Keep pushing friends!!