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Current: 224.2
Loss: -5

Oh I’m totally celebrating this 5 pound loss but let me add a little caveat: I’ve been sick this week. Last Saturday I had a horrible headache in the front of my forehead, it went on for a few days. Honestly I assumed it was stress. It went away but whenever I would move my eyes I would get sharp pains into my forehead and it simply hurt to move my eyes in any direction (driving was fun). Then I developed nightly fevers. Oh for the love the stress was going to kill me at this point. I wasn’t sleeping through the night, everything I ate made me nauseous (except fresh peaches but we’re only allowed 1/4c fruit via surgeon’s instructions). I did make sure to get in 1 protein shake a day so at least I had that going for me. Otherwise I barely ate. Finally this past Saturday, a week after all this started I went to urgent care (my doctor had moved the one my insurance company assigned me to couldn’t see me until mid-September). At UC I was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection given some prescriptions and sent on my way.

The z-pack seems to be doing it’s thing pretty well, I’m only on it until Wednesday so I guess we’ll see? I was also given Allegra-D to help with things oh my gosh. I am not taking it anymore. Saturday night I got 2 hours of sleep, last night about an hour. It is causing me HORRIBLE insomnia. Nope I’m done with that. I’ll see what else I can figure out.

So yay 5 pounds lost! Boo on lack of sleep.