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Current: 226.6
Gain: +0.4

I’m not overly upset at the gain. I had pizza last night, so I mean c’mon I’ll happily take a less than half a pound gain.

After walking 8 miles on Saturday I decided I needed to invest in some quality shoes because mine were/are KILLING my feet. So I went to the all-knowing land of Facebook to ask my friends. Ended up at a running shop where the measured my feet, watched me walk, talked to me about why putting me in a certain type of shoe would work for my needs. It was awesome. The sales associate brought me out a couple of pairs which weren’t necessarily great so she went back and found another option, which I tried on and LOVED. Ended up buying those because they fit great, were comfortable and really supported my foot.

Stopped by Kohl’s to check out their workout tanks, specifically some compression type shirts because this loose skin is a hazard when I’m trying to run. I ended up finding 3 tanks (2 Champion ones, and a yoga type one – I don’t recall the brand name) – all size small. SMALL!!! What the heck? But they offer a snug fit so when I do run hopefully it keeps my abdomen skin from trying to kill me. I also picked up some “squishy” cushioned workout socks.

I think I’m officially ready to get back on track with working out. I even applied for some jobs at a local gym (who am I?!). I’m not done yet. I just hit a bump in the road.