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Hi July.
Let’s be friends.

So I know I said I was getting back into the swing starting July so here are the details/my plan I’m going to work on….

Monday, July 4th: I’m going to weigh in like normal, whatever that number is, it is. I’m going to tweak the 5 day pouch test (that we had discussed before) a little bit. My plan is protein shake for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, then 3/4 cup of high protein (generally chicken breast or lean ground turkey) food for dinner. I’ll do that Monday-Friday (July 4-8) and we’ll go from there. I am going back to measuring it all out. I have to. I also have to become consciously aware of grazing or snacking throughout the day. NO MORE!! I’m going out of town on Sunday so I’m thinking I might just weigh in that morning, I don’t want to be frustrated if I’m retaining water on Monday morning and the scale isn’t being nice.

I’m also getting up to go to the gym this week. No more excuses, no more whining. I was blessed with this tool (rny surgery) and now it’s time I start focusing on me and getting the job done. I know that I’m not going to go to the gym in the afternoon/evening, it’s simply not my style nor do I want to go when everyone that isn’t an early riser is going and it’s packed. So for me that means setting the alarm a tad early and spending more than just 30 minutes on the treadmill. I’m even planning on seeing when the trainers are there so I can really get some great tips and ideas for workouts.

This is it friends, now or never. I’m getting back on track and moving full steam ahead.

Happy July. Let’s do this.