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Catching up!
Current: 225.0
Loss: -1.6

Current: 221.8
Loss: -3.2

It’s been a pretty decent couple of weeks weight loss wise. Did a little clothes shopping I’m now wearing anything from a medium to a large and from a 10 to 14 depending on the material, cut, etc. It’s still such a strange concept.

So yesterday I have probably one of the most frustrating food days I’ve had in a super long time. LR and I were at the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan which offered a TON of different foods so I finally opt for a chicken fajita (Mexican is seriously my go-to food), I get it, it looks DELICIOUS, we find a place to sit down so we can enjoy our late lunch I take a bite and it’s laden with some type of sauce. Bummed does not even begin to describe it. LR eats part of it and we toss the rest. $9 for a fajita I couldn’t even enjoy. We went to Muskegon State Park after that did a lot of walking/climbing the dunes, it was such a beautiful day. Munched on some strawberries but when we were leaving I started to get a little light-headed which is my bodies code for I need legit protein food. I had some P3 protein snacks but I needed FOOD. We stopped in Grand Rapids originally at San Chez downtown but they were closed. Sigh. I picked Menna’s Joint, a place I had eaten at before and it was pretty tasty. We order. They’re out of grilled chicken. Okay fine I’ll have the grilled steak fajita. Our orders come and it is beyond spicy. Are. you. freaking. kidding. me?

We get in the car and start making our way back to Ohio, I get off at the Ionia exit because there’s an Arby’s there (not the best choice I know but I can dissect their sliders and have a pretty filling meal). However, I forgot that the actual town is 5 miles off off the highway so screw that I get back onto the highway. Tears start streaming down my face. I am hungry. I am frustrated. I just need to eat some damned food!

I think it was probably around Portland Michigan where I got some food and finally felt like a fully functioning person again. But it was so incredibly frustrating. Ugh. So even at over a year out food frustrations still happen, emotions get wonky, and tears happen. It’s a good thing that LR is used to my ugly cry lol.