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Current: 231.0
Gain: 0.8

Well definitely not the way I wanted the scale to go but it also could have been a lot worse. It was an emotionally exhausting week. My friend’s mom had her leg amputated below the knee due to infection, now they’ve found infection in her spine. Another friend is 33 and dealing with heart issues. They’re doing a myriad of tests on my sister, leaning towards MS. I had to take my boyfriend back to the dentist because he was in so much pain he wasn’t sleeping (there was still a lot of inflammation pinching the nerves on both sides of his face). I’m exhausted just thinking about the week I had.

So to say I didn’t eat great this week would definitely be an understatement. Also I haven’t been working out like I should be. I talked to LR (boyfriend) about it and we’re going to work on encouraging one another in regards to our health. It’s such a struggle for me to focus on myself but I really need to do it. I’m also trying not to fall into the comparison trap with people that have had surgery around the same time as me. But it’s really tough not to. I’m feeling like a bit of a failure lately. It sucks.