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Current: 230.0
Gain: 0.8

Well alright then. I’m sort of tired of this flip-flopping right around the 230 area. Maybe instead of focusing on the goal of hitting 199 I need to break it down into smaller goals. I think I’m going to focus on hitting 225, then go from there. Perhaps by doing this it’ll give me some more motivation. We’ll see.

I had to go bra shopping yesterday, which has always been interesting. I’ve been wearing a 42c (I used to be a 48dd) but the bands are just way too big now. So I grabbed a bunch of 38,36, and 34c’s and trudged into the dressing room. They just didn’t fit well. After making my sister look at my boobs in a multitude of bras (God love her) she got me a 38d. A d cup really, I stared at her. Well apparently I have enough excess skin in my chest area to make a d cup work! Who knew?! My gosh I cannot wait for upper arm skin removal and to have my chest redone. All of this excess skin makes me so aware of how much I abused my body. It’s tough but so incredibly worth it.