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Current: 230.8
Loss: 3.6

Oh sweet mercy yes. I am thisclose to being under 230 again. Yesterday I ended up walking over 7,000 steps which may not seem like a lot when we’re supposed to be doing 10,000 a day but seeing that I work a desk job in an office I will happily take it. I think it helps that my boyfriend is eating better and working out, as are a couple of my very good friends so I’ve got a pretty sweet little support system going on.

Not feeling 100% at the moment but once I do I plan on starting a weight training program and oddly enough I’m kind of excited for it – what the heck? I found some great options via some websites and got some advice from a girl that I’ve known for a while that used to work as a personal trainer.

I’ve discovered my love of dark chocolate chips, I’m fairly sure at this point it’s bordering on an addiction. So this week I’m focusing on quitting them cold turkey and measuring my portions (I still feel like I’m eating more than I should be able to). That’s my plan for this week.

Next week I’m out of town for some training the evening of Monday the 14th and I’ll get back into town late on the 16th, not totally looking forward to it but just have to push through.

Have a great week!