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Yep, that’s right. Let’s talk about dumping. If you’re not familiar click here for a brush up on what exactly dumping is. I’ll wait….

Squared away? Great. So dumping is one of those things that I believe most people who have weight loss surgery fear. Honestly other than hair loss the thought of dumping terrified (still sometimes does) me. However in my journey so far, I don’t think I’ve actually experienced dumping…at all. Which I suppose is a definite blessing and a bit of curse. I think we go into the surgery thinking that oh man after this once I get to a “normal” diet dumping will help keep me on track! For many people that just might be the case however for me that’s definitely not what happens.

What’s that mean? Well I’ve been pretty scared to try new foods and things like that. Although my boyfriend is slowly expanding my horizons with that. I think that’s one of the biggest things I’ve battled now that I’m farther out, I’m terrified of trying new things because I don’t want to dump. Especially if I’m on a road trip or out of town. Just some randomness for the day!