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One year ago today my life changed forever. It has changed in ways I never even imagined possible. This journey is about SO much more than losing weight. There are challenges, don’t get me wrong this is far from the “easy way out.” If people believe that, than that’s fine you’re not going to change their mind.

Weight loss, regardless of how you opt to get healthy, isn’t easy. You have to figure out why you’re doing this, what your own reasons are, and if you are absolutely ready to change your life in unthinkable ways. It is not going to be easy but the victories you have will be astounding.

I saw the surgeon this morning for my one year post op appointment –
Labs are great – getting enough protein and retaining muscle mass, calcium levels are awesome (which means my body isn’t trying to leech it from itself)
I’ve lost 68% of my excess weight
My journey isn’t over, I’m not done losing weight and I know there’s going to be some skin removal surgeries down the line but that’s okay. I’m not finished yet.


Left November 2014, Right January 2016