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Yesterday I opened up my inbox to find a promotional email from Old Navy. In the past the only way I could shop at ON was online because not all stories carried their plus sizes. I was really interested in some of their active-wear (specifically their quarter zip pull overs) so instead of ordering online I decided to venture to the actual store.

I wander in find the pull overs I’m interested in and grab an XXL, XL, and L – let’s face it I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. There was also a big buy 2 clearance items and get one free. My whole plan while at ON was to find “cute” workout gear. If it’s not cute or something I’d want to wear I’m likely not going to put it on and use it. I found 3 tank tops in various sizes so I trudged off to the fitting rooms. Here’s my non-scale victory – I fit into a large. LARGE!!!! While this may not be a milestone for a lot of people it absolutely was for me.

Then yesterday evening my boyfriend and I ended up in Frankenmuth. It was raining and all I had was my wool coat, so he’s like here I have an extra hoodie in my backseat and hands it to me. Oh gosh, what if this doesn’t fit – you know all of those horrible self doubt things come creeping in. I get it on (over my sweater) and it zips. IT ZIPPED  UP!!! A slim fit large fit.

So yes even though the scale hasn’t been my friend lately make sure you celebrate the non-scale victories you’re having!!