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Current: 239.0
Loss: 5.6

What the what?! Last week was nutty, I spent this weekend out of town (so tons of eating out, grabbing to-go meals, etc.) so I was definitely surprised by this loss! I think the saving grace was that my boyfriend and I did a TON of walking over the weekend. It was a crazy weekend trip but such an amazing time.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the week of Thanksgiving. Where has 2015 gone?! So this is my first holiday season since having the roux-en-y done and it’s just my mom, sister, and myself for the holiday, so the menu is relatively simple – turkey breast, fresh yams, green bean casserole (the green giant frozen kind), brown-and-serve rolls, and a piece of pumpkin pie for my mom and sister. It’s going to be a great day and I am SO incredibly thankful for everything that has happened this year – even the lows or struggles because I’ve been able to learn or take something away from those moments.

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating and I hope that you find thankfulness in everything surrounding you. Even if you’re struggling know that someone does love and care about you.