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Current: 267.8
Loss: 4.4

I didn’t anticipate that “big” of a loss but hey that’s okay I’ll definitely take it. It’s been an interesting week but all I can do is keep pushing forward. My emotions are all over the place this week and honestly I’m not sure if it’s from the hormones post-op or I’m just an emotional mess haha. But on a better note, it seems as though my hair loss is starting to slow down so now I can focus on growing my hair out from this ridiculous short haircut that I’m absolutely not a fan of.

Goal updates – I’m now 17.8 (let’s just say 18) pounds away from my first mini goal of hitting 250, and 68.8 (or 70) pounds away from being at 199. I don’t really have a time frame for either of these but I would love to be at 199 by the end of the year. We’ll see.

Now that I don’t have any food restrictions I’ve found that carbs are creeping their way back into my body, this has got to stop! So this week I’m going to focus on being carb free and really getting in the protein.

Have a great week!