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July 27, 15
Current: 277.4
Loss: 3

I’ve been meaning to post for nearly a week now but sheesh this week has been brutal on my schedule. I’m down 3 that’s awesome. I had my 6 month follow up with the physician’s assistant and I’m down 95 pounds since surgery on January 12 (2015). She was really pleased, all of my labs look great, and she didn’t mention anything about being at the 60% loss mark. She was happy and so was I. I don’t have to go back until January. I did get my 6 month photos done but the new medical assistant wasn’t sure if I could get the ones they took at my first appointment, so I’m going to ask on Monday when I go to support group. Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t have any food restrictions other than low fat/low sugar. Do I need to work out more? Yep. But I’ll get there.

So I’m going to go ahead and head out onto a little tangent while I’m writing today. I recently received an invite to a friend’s wedding (yay so excited for her!), I have someone to go to the reception with me so I’m feeling pretty good. Thinking about what to wear…not keep in mind that I haven’t been to a wedding in years….YEARS! What do I (as most rational people do) do? Head on over to Pintrest for some inspiration, plug into the search bar “plus size wedding guest dress.” Simple enough, right? This search has me looking at dresses on a couple of different sites I’m scrolling, clicking, scrolling, etc. BAM! I find this BEAUTIFUL black, vintage inspired dress. Oh I love her, I love her SO much. Oh even better it’s in my size range. *Happy dance* Then I look at the price…$168. Say what? 1. I’m on a budget 2. I work at a church (I’m on a budget) 3. Why are plus size clothes SO much more expensive than “regular” size clothes?

There is such a cost variance when it comes to clothing, sure a plus size dress may have a bit more fabric than a non-plus size garment but I don’t understand why it’s a $200 dress, when a non-plus size comparable dress is $60. Seriously. It’s a tad frustrating.

It’s pretty simple what I want too – I want a dress or skirt/top combo that make me feel beautiful and sexy (I’m not trying to upstage the bride by any means as she is stunning and I love her deeply), but I want to be confident in what I wear, I want a dress or skirt/top combo that I can dance in! Lastly I want to be able to wear it again for dates, dinners, or other weddings that may come along (and not have to spend $200 on an outfit). Doesn’t seem so hard, does it? Thankfully I have some time to find something until then the quest continues…

Oh and nothing like a wedding invitation to fuel one to work out more! Funny how God does that huh?