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Current: 280.4
Loss: 4

I’m fairly sure most of this loss came with running around yesterday at work, but I’ll take it! I am all signed back up at the YMCA so now it’s a matter of making time (no not finding it because let’s face it we’re never going to find it) and getting in some water workouts. I am SO excited for that.

I have my 6 month appointment on the 27th, I’m not where the surgeon’s office wants me (I’m sure) but that’s totally okay because I keep losing so I can’t complain there. My biggest downfall is honestly getting in the exercise. I really need to focus on that and take the time to focus on myself – it’s a challenge that’s for sure. Progress is progress though.

My hair is still falling out like crazy so I’m really monitoring my protein, making sure I’m getting in the recommendation by my surgeon.

You know it fascinates me, and perhaps it’s just because the bariatric program I went through is so thorough, but I belong to a couple of FB support groups and the questions people have just fascinate me. Don’t get me wrong I have questions a lot too, but I always refer back to the 3-ring binder that the surgeon’s office gave me at the start of the program. Go by the guidelines given to you by your specific office! You can’t go off someone else’s program!

Stay strong friends!