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Let’s face it we all eat out, we’re some seriously busy people! Generally I’m pretty happy with getting something from Taco Bell (literally like 1 item and I can barely finish it) or going with the stand by of pintos and cheese from there. Chain restaurants make it pretty easy to be able to look up nutrition information  so I can generally look beforehand or pull it up on my smart phone and go from there.

But non-chain restaurants, those stress me out. Granted I’m “only” 6 months out which means according to my surgeon’s guidelines my food restrictions are simply a low-fat/low-sugar diet. Seems easy enough right? Should be. I try to look at menus beforehand but sometimes it just simply overwhelms me. And dang-it I don’t want to have a salad every time I go out!

So how do you cope with eating out at restaurants where you can’t look up the nutritional information? Yes I know smaller portions and all that jazz. I’m talking food specifically.