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Hard to believe that six months ago I was in the hospital having the roux-en-y procedure done. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey, even still some days I feel like I can take on anything with my new found body/self while other days I’m a wreck. That being said, I would not change what I did for anything.

I’ve dealt with a lot more than I anticipated on this path: I still have struggles, daily battles, and can be an emotional hot mess. BUT I am becoming strong and healthy. I feel as though I am finally finding myself and the woman that God wants me to be. While I’m by no means exactly where I want to be I’m well on my way.

I’m down 120 pounds since my highest weight last year. I’ve lost a small person and I’m not done yet! I’m down about 87 pounds since surgery. I was wearing a size 28 in January and I’m currently an 18/20 (depending on the brand/style). I don’t ever remember being this size, or below 300 pounds.


What a difference a year makes! On the left is a picture when my friend singer/songwriter Brendan James taken July 2014; the picture on the right is with the same friend taken July 11, 2015.

Friends however you decide to get healthy make sure you’re doing it for yourself. It took me a long time to decide that I was doing this for me. It is not an easy process that is for sure. Am I an advocate for weight loss surgery? Sure, I suppose that I am. However, I’m a bigger advocate for being the best possible you that you can be and truly loving yourself.