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Current: 290.6
Loss: 2

I just keep plugging away since I stopped eating all those dang “diet” cookies. 🙂

So it’s been 5 months since surgery (craziness) I’m down roughly 80 pounds, and I’m down 115 from my highest weight. Sure there have been struggles but I wouldn’t change it.
PicMonkey Collage1On the left is literally one week before my surgery back in January, the one on the right was taken this past Sunday (6/14/15). This surgery has absolutely changed my life and I cannot put into words just how thankful I am. I’m beyond blessed with not only an incredible support group but also family and a surgeon’s office that truly cares.

I’m not saying that weight loss surgery is an option for everyone, it’s something you truly have to research and think about, then make a decision based on YOUR needs/desires. And while I may still have struggles (my hair is falling out like whoa, food overwhelms me, and I’m an emotional hotmess sometimes), gastric bypass has given me back my life and I’m starting to gain confidence.

Have a great week!