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Current: 302.0
GAIN: 1.2

Well dang-it. I sort of figured I was messing up. So I made these “diet” cookies – which of course were absolutely delicious. I would only eat one BUT I’d eat them in between meals, too close to drinking, etc. Yesterday I was like what the heck Karri, get your crap together. So I put what was left into a ziploc bag and tossed them into the freezer.

I’m bummed, but the only person I can be upset with is myself (hence why I’m taking the cookies to work with me tomorrow and giving the rest away). Today I’m back to tracking everything (calories, protein, fluids) and going to the gym.

Gastric bypass isn’t an “easy fix” and clearly one can STILL mess up. But hey it’s part of the learning process. Am I disappointed? Oh gosh yes. Super bummed? Indeed. But all I can do is make today better than yesterday and the day before. So I’m dusting myself off, picking myself up, and getting myself back into a forward direction.