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Current: 300.8
Loss: 5

That’s a pretty legit loss for doing so much traveling over the weekend and having a crazy week filled with appointments. I’m so stinking close to being under 300!!!! At least I know there’s really no reason why I won’t be when I weigh in next week.

It’s so strange that I’m currently wearing a pair of size 20 jeans and a (for the most part) a 22/20 top. What the heck? I’m down roughly 70 pounds since surgery and 105 since my highest weight last year. My gosh it feels amazing. I still have a long way to go but this is an incredible start.

I find myself slowly growing more confident – not only in my own new looks but in my capabilities. Again – still a long way to go before I’m naked in my mirror thinking I look amazing. But it’s a start.

Now I just need to find some motivation to hit the gym. What is your motivation to workout on a daily basis?