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Current: 305.8
Loss: 0.2

Hmm well it’s a loss so I’ll take it. Obviously we all know that I really need to start pushing myself to work out. This morning’s weigh in clearly affirms that.

Other than that I’m starting to deal with the hair loss aspect of life post weight loss surgery. I’m likely the only one that’s actually noticing it, but to me, it’s definitely noticeable. My ponytail isn’t as thick and there’s definitely a lot more strands than normal coming out. I’m taking biotin (5,000mcg) every day, I went back to tracking my food (protein) and fluid intake. I knew it was coming but when it happens it’s still a okay we’re at this phase moment. I think it’s time for a hair change, even though I was planning on growing it out. Guess that’ll have to happen in a few months.