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Current: 338.2
Loss: 4.2

Hey it’s more than 3 pounds! I’ve really gotten into going to the gym, doing cardio then working on strength training. It’s made my emotions SO much better. Yesterday after the gym (I know great time to have this thought) I decided that I’m really going to start pushing myself. I’m planning on doing 10 minute increments on the machines (treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, etc) but really pushing myself in those 10 minutes; once I’ve done 30-40 minutes I’ll move over to strength training. I decided to rotate through things – day 1 arms, day 2 legs, day 3 abs, etc. I’m hoping by really focusing and pushing myself the weight will come off like I feel it should be (although I’m totally grateful to be loosing each week!).

I’ve set a mini-goal for myself, I want to lose the 38 pounds by early July. I have a family function to go to up in Michigan and I’d love to be like BAM! I don’t think anyone from that side of my family really knows I’ve had weight loss surgery but I figured it’d be a great mini-goal to work towards.

Friday morning there’s a support group so I definitely plan on going to that. Busy weeks ahead but I have to keep focusing on my own health. Sometimes I struggle with feeling guilty about that but how can I take care of others when I’m not even taking care of myself?

Have a great week!