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Current: 351.2
Loss: 2.2

Well it’s something. I think my expectations were a bit obscure or way too high with the losing weight process. It was like yeah I’m having weight loss surgery, the weight will melt off! Woohoo. It’s just going slower than I anticipated was all, which hey at least it’s coming off, right?
2-10 (2) This is me on 2/10/15 before heading into the office. So even though the scale might not be moving as much as I would hope I have to admit this picture makes me feel good looking at it!

Right now I’m focusing on getting my protein in via food because I really cannot stand protein shakes anymore. I made the cutest (for lack of a better term) mini-burrito the other night, not only was it delicious but it totally filled me up. Keep in mind it’s on a small plate as well, so it probably looks larger than it really is.

YumI did my blood work this morning, next week Monday it’ll be 6 weeks since surgery so I have a class with the dietician since I’ll be able to incorporate more foods and will be starting new vitamins. Life is going to be getting crazy as the conference gets closer but I’m still going to make time for myself and my lifestyle. I have to.

No matter what you’re doing to get healthy, just make sure you’re doing it for yourself (and you’re being monitored by a doctor). We’re all going to have ups and downs but we’ve got this. Also if anyone needs support or someone to chat with I’m more than willing be a good friend. 🙂

Have a great week!