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So normally I’m a fairly private person, however with this I feel it’s better to post photos on here versus on my Facebook page in which some people don’t even know I had surgery. This has pretty much been my week. I’m still fairly sore but actually got dressed today and I’m feeling more like myself. I’m still having a lot of low back/tailbone pain and I’m not sure why. Otherwise just taking things as they come.

Day after surgery, there's one more incision not pictured.

Day after surgery, there’s one more incision not pictured.


Day 3 – Full liquid diet it’s strained cream of mushroom soup and it was delicious!


Chewable children’s vitamins sure tasted a lot better as a kid…


There are 5-7 pillows I’ve been using to prop myself up at night, it’s slowly getting better.


If this didn’t smell like nasty feet I’d be able to put it in so much more.


Got these from Heather, she’s having surgery at the end of the month and has become an amazing friend!


My mom and sister surprised me with these. I love getting flowers!