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Hey all,
So surgery was on Monday, it was delayed an hour due to the surgery before mine. My boss came into the pre-op area to pray with my family and myself which left me as a hot mess of tears. This was my first surgery and let’s be honest it’s pretty major. The surgeon comes in asks if I have any questions, then has me sign a release to do the gallbladder surgery as well.

The operating room nurse comes to get me gives me a little medication to relax and at this point if I wasn’t tied down with an IV I might have ran away. I was scared. The anesthesiologist’s assistant starts talking with me, asking if I’m feeling relaxed I tell her no even though at this point the ceiling looks rippled and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. She was gently touching my face just reassuring me and I told her I was afraid I would wake up during surgery, she smiled and said everything would be ok. I heard the anesthesiologist’s voice (he introduced himself in the pre-op area), telling me to pick out a good dream and my work is done.

I woke up moaning a bit in recovery, oh I felt SO nauseous. The recovery nurse looked exactly like Nicole Curtis from HGTV’s Rehab Addict, it freaked me out a bit in my groggy brain. I wanted my mom and then I asked if I could go home. The nurse said no I couldn’t go home (which I knew). After I was slightly more coherent I was taken up to the med-surgical floor around 6-6:30pm. I had to walk to the bed. Seriously. I mean I understand it was 5 steps but it hurt, I was hooked up to an IV, and a catheter walking wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I barely get into the bed – I was laying corner to corner with my feet hanging off and I told the nurse I was fine I’d stay like that, but she made me rearrange so I was a bit more in the bed. I got some morphine which took the edge off, it wasn’t the left side where I hurt it was the gallbladder side that hurt and my back. I kept telling the nurse my back hurt.

Apparently taking out my gallbladder gave the surgeon some issues. So what they do is insert a plastic bag,put the gallbladder in it and then pull it out of the abdomen. I guess the bag had a hole in it and my gallbladder was rock hard (no pun intended), bile ended up leaking onto the incision so I just had a gauze patch covering it. If he would have closed it, it would have caused a great deal of issues. I didn’t find out until Tuesday even though that it was packed with gauze – that HURT when the PA pulled it out, but I’ve been changing the gauze on it daily and it’s looking really good.

So Monday night the nurse’s aide helped me go for walk, the overnight aide and nurse were super awesome. I kept telling them my back hurt and they kept trying to remedy the situation but nothing really helped. Tuesday morning I got a purple popsicle around 6am, that went just fine so I was able to continue onto liquids and jello.

The PA came in around 5pm, checked everything all over and said I could go home. I ended up leaving the hospital around 6:45pm and I’ve just been taking things day-by-day. My right side is still pretty sore, feels like I did a zillion crunches lol. My back is still really sore, not sure if I might have pinched a nerve or just with the surgery and everything else it’s sore. But I haven’t had to take pain killers on a regular basis and yesterday I was able to introduce low-fat strained cream soups which was delicious!! 🙂

Overall I’m feeling okay, I go for my post-op on January 22nd and we’ll go from there. Thanks for all of the support!