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This is it! I’ve made it 2 weeks on a liquid diet. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to conquer it but in the back of my mind knew it was necessary in order to progress with surgery. Today I’ve got 3 more protein shakes and about 40 ounces of water left to drink before midnight.

I feel oddly at peace knowing that tomorrow is surgery day, I’m not freaking out, nervous, or anything like that. Although I do have this odd fear that I’m going to wake up during surgery (clearly I’ve watched WAY too many Discovery Health Channel shows), but I figure I’ll tell the anesthesiologist that and maybe he can give me a little extra haha. I’m not sure if I should be nervous or what, this is my first surgery ever. I’ve been with family members for their major surgeries and helped with taking care of them through the recovery process, but weight loss surgery is so different. I’m praying for a surgery with no complications, quick recovery, strength and courage throughout this entire process.

I’m ready. Sometimes I wonder if maybe one last “fad” diet would work but then I realize I’ve been trying those diets for years with minimal (if any) success. This time it will be different. This is going to change my life, forever, in the most positive way. No long will I be the fat funny friend. Granted I’ll still be the funny friend because let’s face it, I’m freaking hilarious. But I will no longer be identified as fat, plus size, obese, or any thing related to that. I am beyond excited for this journey, which I know will be one of hard work, lifestyle changes, and immense dedication. However I am as ready as I can be, I’ve educated myself as much as possible, and I have a support group that I am blessed to call my friends and family.

I will still blog throughout this process. My hopes are that someone struggling with their weight, considering weight loss surgery, going through the process, or that already had it will stumble upon this blog and relate to some aspect. It’s not going to be all sunshine and roses but that’s not the point of this, the point is to be 100% honest and to encourage those battling their weight as well.