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Slowly but surely my two week liquid diet is winding down, granted after surgery next week I’ll still have to consume some shakes but at least it won’t be 4 a day for 14 days. Today I discovered deliciousness that I really wish i would have stumbled on at least a week ago… I added a quarter of a packet of sugar free orange jello to my vanilla protein shake. It was SO DANG GOOD!!!! My goodness I wish I would have realized this earlier. I was so excited to have something that wasn’t chocolate flavored!

I got a call back from the nurse at the surgeon’s office yesterday – as long as the gastric bypass goes well he will go ahead and remove my gallbladder as well. So it not only saved me from having a second surgery but also from having to take the prescription they give to weight loss surgery patients so they don’t develop gallstones. Bonus. It’s strange though because I don’t have any symptoms of a gallbladder issue. I feel like deciding to go through with the roux-en-y made it so the gallbladder issue was discovered, having a porcelain gallbladder (calcified) means I’m at a higher risk for gallbladder cancer. So I’m more than happy that it’s coming out!

Surgery is just a couple days away. I have to be at the hospital at 8:45am and surgery is supposed to start at 10:45am. Craziness.