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Yesterday I had my pre-op class, it was basically just going over the big 3-ring binder they had given us at the start of the program, what to expect in the hospital, etc. I had to stay after to get some of my lab results, turns out my vitamin B12 and D are low. The results from the gallbladder ultrasound are that my gallbladder is either full of stones or it’s a “porcelain gallbladder.” The nurse is supposed to call me today to see if the surgeon wants to have a CT scan done or what. I asked her since he was going to be in there (doing the rny) can’t he just go ahead and remove it? She said it’s up to him because I’m not showing any symptoms. So I guess we’ll see.

Day 10 – not too bad. I was pretty busy in the office getting volunteers going on some mailers for the conference, and running around the office. I’ve been taking my protein shakes to the office with me, so it’s no big deal. But yesterday I forgot my afternoon “snack” (sugar free jello), so when I left around 4pm I was STARVING or at least it felt that way. I drank some water and ended up not making my next shake until 5:30pm. It’s funny how head hunger still plays a factor in some areas.

Day 11 – I woke up later than normal, let’s face it, it feels like -25 outside I really didn’t want to get out of my cozy warm bed. But I got up, made my shake and now I’ve gone on about my day. I’m still trying to wrap my head about the fact that I’m having major surgery on Monday. I wish it was earlier in the day but hey I don’t make the schedule lol.