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First let me say, yes I did freak out last night. I sobbed for a while and had a moment where I honestly didn’t know if I were going to be able to continue on with the surgery. However I posted to the FB group and got some great (and very encouraging feedback). I also went to the monthly support group meeting held at the surgeon’s office. A woman ended up sitting next to me and it’s like she knew EXACTLY what to say before I even explained what was going on. I’m feeling MUCH better today and I’m definitely ready for surgery Monday.

I think freaking out is normal. Seems to be for most people I’ve spoke with. Also in watching a lot of Youtube blogs regarding wls it seems that many people get very emotional during the liquid phase and it continues a bit post-op since estrogen is store in fat cells as those shrink it’s all being released it a made flush throughout the body. Not to deter anyone but I just want to be up front with what I’m going through and what I’ve read/watched/learned.

So it’s day 9, I’ve had my breakfast shake. I’ll be getting ready to head into the office soon as it’ll be my last week there probably for the rest of the month. It’ll be interesting since I haven’t been in the office since Christmas Eve and I started my liquid diet the 29th. I’m sure it’ll all go well my direct report has made her office a no food zone for me while I’m there which is nice but I’ll let her know it honestly doesn’t bother me. I truly appreciate though the support I’m getting from everyone there that knows and I’m feeling ready (even if I may cry at the drop of a pin lol).

Have a great Tuesday and stay warm because it is FREEZING in NW Ohio today!