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I made it through one week (so far)!!! The past few days were honestly a little tougher than the first few but everytime I would drink a protein shake 30-60 minutes later I would get a gurgley stomach and end up running to the bathroom. So I looked up some things (oh great wise Google) and decided to try making my shakes with almond milk. So far so good! I think I was getting too much lactose.

Today was weigh in day so let’s get that out of the way:
January 5, 2015
Starting Weight: 388.6
Current Weight: 378.4
Loss: 10.4

That makes me a bit of a happy camper, I mean other than not eating solid food lol. But hey I’ll take it.

It’s one week until surgery, yesterday was my last day of vitamins.It’s so crazy that it’s only one week a way. I did have a bit of a “freakout” wondering what the heck I’m doing to my body, etc. But I posted on the RNY Support group I’m a part of on Facebook and got a lot of really great support from people so I’m definitely feeling better. I know this is the right step for me but my gosh my brain went out of control! I’m a bit of an emotional mess but I think it’s honestly the extra estrogen kicking in lol.

Alright it’s day 8, I can do this! Time to go buy more almond milk. Have a great Monday.