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I realized last night when I was all cozy in bed that I hadn’t posted for the day so I’m just going to combine the two days. ๐Ÿ™‚

The sadness wasn’t there yesterday, I actually felt pretty good mentally. Although last night I had a moment of what am I doing to my body, why am I doing this, etc. Then I took a breath and went over the list of reasons why I am doing this. I think it’s important to know your own why and make sure you keep your reasons available for when you’re struggling. it’s definitely helped me out.

I need to find some other protein powder flavors. I don’t know why so many are chocolate (or some variation), strawberry, and vanilla. Bleck. So that’s my plan for today is check out (online since the roads are currently covered in ice) various protein powders that will fit into the requirements set by my surgeons office.

Today…well it’s today haha. I’ve already had my “breakfast” shake, waited the allotted time and now I’m working on a glass of diet V8 splash.

It’s hard to believe that surgery is a week from Monday. One week and my life will be changed forever. I am so ready to start this new phase in life. Even though it’s super scary sometimes I know it’s what I need to do in order to live a long, healthy life.