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That is my one resolution this year. Pretty simple yet something I have always struggled with. But I’m doing the surgery for myself and that right there is a massive step.

So yep, day 4 of protein shakes. Not feeling too bad I suppose, although last night and today I’ve felt sad. I can’t really think of anything causing it, it’s not SUPER bad. But just simply feeling sad. I’m not sure why. Thankfully I haven’t been snappy with anyone or anything like that although oh my gosh those Old El Paso taco commercials just tick me off right now.

I’m surviving, My belly has been kind of noisy last night and tonight but I drink some water or juice and it seems to help. The juice and popsicles definitely help break up the shake/water routine. Oh and I tried vegetable broth today – YUCK! I don’t think I’ll be able to consume that ever again, so gross.