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I made it through day 1 pretty unscathed, I did have a moment while my mom and sister were getting ready to eat their dinner that an Old El Paso commercial came on the tv and I got mad. Like mad mad. So I shut the tv off in a huff. I was fine though sitting with them while they ate.

However today might be a different story. I’m battling a headache today, honestly I think it’s from the lack of food so I’m sort of just waiting it out. I’ve only got in about 20 ounces of water so far, yesterday I had probably around 50 ounces, so perhaps that will help.

I did realize how many commercials are food related, sheesh! But overall it’s not as bad as what I anticipated (so far). I also realized I cannot add Stevia to my protein shakes, it upsets my stomach too much which leaves me running for the bathroom. I stopped adding it and I’ve been fine.

I joined a couple of RNY support groups on FB, there ended up being a few ladies on there in the Greater Toledo area also having the surgery in January with the same surgeons office and in the same hospital so I created a FB group so us to just support one another. But at least this way we don’t bog down the other groups with our “local” chatter. 🙂 It’s nice to have people in the area going through the same things you are.

Hang in there friends, we’ve got this!