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Notebook Schedule

So I prepped as much as possible for the start of my liquid diet.
Last night I had Chinese take-out as my “last meal,” created a schedule in a 1 subject notebook,
and decided to avoid the kitchen as much as possible.

My alarm went off promptly at 7:01am (I’ve never been able to get up on even numbers – I know, it’s strange). Let me tell you that I did not want to get out of bed. I didn’t sleep well, the dog hogged the bed (he’s a great dane/mastiff mix), I was already feeling mildly annoyed. But I dragged myself out of bed, took my vitamins by 7:15 and pretty much have been following the schedule so far. It’s currently a little after 11am and I’m hungry. Not like oh my gosh I’ll pass out if I don’t chew something but just kinda hungry. I keep plugging away at drinking more water – so far I’ve gotten 20 ounces in. My mom and sister got me a self filtering water bottle for Christmas. I am loving it! It makes drinking water a breeze, also it has a sports style top which makes practicing sipping water perfect!


This morning I weighed-in. I’ll do this every Monday. I also printed a weight tracker that I found on Pintrest so I can just log it easily.
Also took measurements this morning, I created a simple Word document and printed out 12 copies since I’ll only be doing measurements once a month. Snapped a couple of photos which I labeled with the date and my current weight.

I got everything printed, 3-hole punched, and into a 3-ring binder. I’m a super organized type so this is what works for me. In the back of the binder I put some loose leaf paper so I can journal or write as I go through this entire process, granted it’ll likely end up on here but at least it’ll be contained with all of my weight loss progress. So normally I’m not one to toss out my personal numbers but I hope that my blog will help someone that is considering the process or help someone with their own process so here are my starting stats:

December 29, 2014

No makeup/hair not done. What am I thinking?!

No makeup/hair not done. What am I thinking?!

Weight: 388.6
Neck: 16.25     Chest: 51.5
Arm: L – 17.5   R – 18
Waist: 57     Hips: 66
Thigh: L – 29    R – 31.25
Calve: L – 21.5  R – 22

So there we have it. It’s day one, it’s a new day, a new start….