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newstartEveryday is a new beginning. Tomorrow is my new beginning. My new life, a new way of looking at myself, my body, food…everything. Tomorrow I start my liquid diet leading up to gastric bypass surgery.

My surgery is scheduled for January 12 – heck of a way to kick off 2015 huh?! I’m excited. I’ve been reading blogs, watching Youtube videos, just really informing myself as much as possible. Oddly enough (or perhaps not) I’m not scared or nervous just really excited to start this new journey and new chapter of my life.

So yes tomorrow I start 4 protein shakes a day. I can also have broth/bouillon, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, diet V8 Splash, Crystal Light, sugar free Kool-Aid, diluted by half clear fruit juices. My kitchen counter consists of 4 containers of protein powder, PB2, and my blender. It looks like a body-builder’s paradise haha.

I will try to keep everyone posted on my progress during the pre-op diet, including emotions, highs/lows, struggles, etc. I hope this insight will allow others a view into everything leading up to surgery – at least what I’m dealing with.