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Nothing seems to say Merry Christmas like having a belly full of barium. I survived my pre-admissions testing so let me break it down for you….

I had to stop eating by 6pm last night, then could only have water from 6pm-midnight. I went to bed fairly early since my alarm was set for 6:15am. So I got up this morning, brushed my teeth, washed my face, got dressed and left for the hospital around 6:30am.

I got to the appropriate area (advanced admissions) about 6:50, was registered and called back shortly there after. Now keep in mind I haven’t gone to the bathroom since around 2am and I was feeling it! The nurse called me back, where we went over a ton of questions, and she also took my vitals. While we were going over more questions someone from the lab came in and took 6 vials of blood. Then someone else came in and did an EKG. Then finally I got to use the restroom (they needed a urine sample)! After that I was able to get dressed then the nurse walked me to the radiology department.

It wasn’t long before I was taken back for the gallbladder ultrasound. Once that was done I had to change into a gown and was taken for a chest x-ray. It wasn’t long before I was whisked away again to have an upper GI done. The nurse went through everything, showed me what exactly I’d be taking and how it would all work. Once the radiologist came in I took a medicine cup of crystals followed by water which foamed like crazy and I had to swallow (and not burp). I got up on a machine where I had to then drink the barium when the doctor said. Oh my. It was thick and chalky, it wasn’t bad until I had to inhale through my nose (darned breathing lol), and the smell was less than desirable. But I got that done, then the table gets laid down (weird feeling) and I had to roll in a complete circle. The doctor took some more pictures, said I had a mild case of reflux but didn’t see any other issues and he said I didn’t have to drink the “thin” cup of barium. Woohoo! Then I was able to get dressed and finally eat/drink!

I went right from the hospital over to the physical therapy office. He was booked solid until my evaluation so now I’m home just killing time before heading back over there.

It’s crazy that 3 weeks from today I’m having weight loss surgery. I’m not really nervous just excited. I’ve got an amazing support team and I’m really looking forward to this new chapter of my life.