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It’s interesting to read (I’ve been checking out other blogs) on how/when/why people decide to tell others that they are having (or have had) weight loss surgery. I know I’m really only at the start of my journey in regards to it but there are a few people I’ve told: my direct report, some of the other interns, the two other ladies that I work with weekly for the conference. This past Tuesday at our internship class we went around discussing highlights (so far), and what we needed prayers for, so I asked for prayers for the surgery I’m having in January. But no one asked what it was or anything like that. I figure I’ll slowly be telling more people. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by having weight loss surgery. But it’s been interesting on the way I’ve slowly started to tell people. At first (especially telling the other interns), I was like oh gosh they’re going to judge me like congrats (yeah fatty you NEED it) but they’ve all been super supportive. I figure perhaps after Christmas I’ll really start telling more people, I’ve even considered writing a blanket status on Facebook about having the surgery.

It’s coming up soon. The 22nd is my pre-op labs/testing: pre-admission testing 7am, gallbladder ultrasound 9am, Upper GI 10am, physical therapy 11:45am. I’m glad it’s all in one day but I have to stop eating at 6pm on the 21st, only water from 6pm to midnight, then nothing until after the upper gi on my way to physical therapy. Obviously I’ll survive but phew it’ll be a long day!

I think it’s really going to hit me once I’m on the liquid only diet. It’s like the shock that my insurance approved it has wore off (kind of) but it’s still surreal that I’m going to be having gastric bypass surgery. I’m excited just doesn’t seem like it’s happening (yet).

I’m thinking I might order one of these cute little plushies. They’re so cute and some of them you can get customized with your name and surgery date on the back.

It’s a busy week ahead so I better be off to enjoy the weekend while I have it.