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I wanted to get caught up on a lot of things but first and foremost, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving from my family to you and yours. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or co-workers take a moment to realize how truly blessed we all are regardless of what we’re going through.

In other news….

So on November 18, I had my consultation with the surgeon. He was 2 hours behind so I was getting pretty antsy to say the least. We finally met he explained the difference between the sleeve and roux-en-y asked which I was considering. I said I’ve done most of my research and whatnot on the sleeve but you’re (the doctor) the professional so whichever you think would be the best. He said because of my weight and BMI that I would likely have much more success with the roux-en-y. We then went into an exam room with the female nurse where the doctor did an abdomen exam and checked the pulse in my feet. The nurse went over some stuff and said the doctor sends a letter to my insurance company and usually within 3-4 weeks (she said it never takes that long) I should hear something. Once they heard she would call.

I was getting ready to head into the office (I’m an intern at a church) when I got a phone call from the nurse. Insurance approved the surgery!!! OH MY GOSH!! She’s like the “only” opening left in January is the 12 so I took it. She said she would call back after she made all the appointments for my pre/post op stuff.

The nurse called me within an hour or so having all my appointments nailed down:
12/22 pre-op labs, testing, physical therapy
12/29 start my liquid diet
1/7 pre-op class
1/12 SURGERY!!!
1/22 post-op check up

It makes it all seem so “real” now. Like I was going through the steps, getting everything in order but now it’s actually happening. I first started researching weight loss surgery when I was probably a sophomore in high school but I never thought I would ever be able to get it done now that it’s happening it’s incredible.

I know it isn’t always going to be easy but I am so ready for this journey.