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I had my last required appointment with the nutritionist this morning. I was “only” down half a pound from the last time I saw her but hey that’s okay because a loss is a loss and I will take it! We went over life pre/post op from the food side of things. This binder has so much information I love it.

November 18 I meet with the surgeon, then my paperwork gets submitted for insurance approval. Once approved I’ll get to pick from an open surgery date. The patient consultant was saying that Paramount (insurance I have) normally responds back within 24-48 hours, I’ll double check with how long they think it will take when I go to my appointment on the 18th. But things are really moving along.I’m excited.

I’m slowly telling more people. Some of the interns know, others I haven’t said anything to yet. I figure I will since the first couple of months you can potentially lose a lot of weight. It’s hard to know what to say – like oh hey how’s it going by the way I’m getting two-thirds of my stomach removed. Want a piece of gum? So yeah I’m still working on my approach.

My biggest fears are waking up during surgery and going bald. Not the surgery itself or anything like that. Clearly I watch entirely too much Discovery Health channel for my own good but oh gosh those are serious fears. I’m definitely bringing it up to the surgeon when I see him. Silly or not.