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I had my moment really questioning if what I’m doing is the right choice. After really looking deep within myself I realized this is the best decision that I can make for myself.

This process is moving quicker than I anticipated that’s for sure. I had my psych evaluation and follow up. According to the psychologist there is nothing from his standpoint that will hold me back from going through with the surgery. Although he did point out that I need to make sure I’m aware that I’m entirely too self-sacrificial. Which isn’t that big of a surprise to me, I’ve always put everyone before myself. He just mentioned that it might not show up until a year or more post-surgery but to just be mindful of it.

I also had my second appointment with the dietician, I had lost 7 pounds since I saw her in early September. I was pretty happy being that the week before I spent 4 days eating out for every meal due to traveling to/from and being in Atlanta. I have one more insurance required meeting with her in early November.

Once the surgeon’s office receives the report from the psychologist the patient coordinator will call to schedule a consultation. They should get my paperwork early this week so maybe I’ll even get a phone call to set something up by the end of the week. We’ll see.

I’m excited yet nervous which I think it pretty normal. I’ve confided in a few people about my decision to have weight loss surgery and all have been more than happy for me. Not in a “oh gosh you totally need it” way but in a really heartfelt supportive way. I figure the more people I encounter that I work with on a regular basis the more I will share.

I am SO excited for this whole journey. I know it’s going to take hard work an determination but I am so ready and just really putting it all in God’s hands. I feel like the best is yet to come!