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The Color Run was nearly 2 weeks ago, sadly I wasn’t able to partake because I came down with strep throat the day of. Go figure. It was a rough week that week and I ended up going to the emergency room on the 17th, the days after that I really don’t remember a lot of. Thankfully the strong antibiotics worked and I’m feeling a lot better now.

Getting healthy, including weight loss, is much more than a lifestyle change it’s also a journey. Let’s face it, none of us packed on all the extra pounds overnight so we know it’s definitely not coming off that way either.

Everyone’s journey is totally different too. We all have different reasons or issues as to why our weight has crept up on us over the years. For me, I have been overweight for as long as I can remember: obesity is rampant on both sides of my family, steroids to treat my asthma ran through my body for years, emotional eating, dealing with life via food, being teased for my weight – all of this contributed to being morbidly obese. I remember in the fifth grade kid’s saying, ‘Oh don’t make Karri mad, she’ll sit on you!!’ I can essentially tell you the moment it happened. Probably around my sophomore year of high school I dreamed about graduation day when I’d unzip my fat suit and reveal that my entire high school career was a major social experiment. I never did find that zipper…

Recently I attended an informational seminar for weight loss surgery. The surgeon said 98% of people that lose a significant amount of weight on their own, gain it back. (I don’t think he was simply blowing smoke to sell his practice either.) It’s true though, at this point, most of us are professionals at the weight loss cycle. But I filled out all the paperwork, my primary care physician faxed over the nutrition therapy stuff, and I’m going from there. I have my first appointment with the dietician in early September. I figure if my insurance covers it I’m going to go through with the surgery.

I started researching weight loss surgery my sophomore year of high school and never imagined I would actually have the opportunity to get it done. So after trying a zillion different diets, pills, making a pros/cons list, praying, discussing it with my family…I figure it’s the best option for me.


For me, weight loss surgery is a tool, it’s the stepping stone to a total lifestyle change and I am so ready to take that step. Now, believe me, it’s a major surgery and it is absolutely not for everyone. I’ve spent a long time researching it, watching videos, reading blogs, researching the surgeon, hospital, etc. So just make sure that if you’re considering weight loss surgery that you do your homework.

I’m going this route because I do love myself, I want a future, and I’m ready to take on the world. Make sure you love yourself no matter what you’re going through in life even if you’re struggling with your weight or whatever, you’re worth so much more than a silly number on a scale. You’re amazing. And you’re totally worth it.