So the scale and I are not friends this week. Before my weigh in on Wednesday I decided to try on a pair of jeans that have been sitting in my drawer since last September – brand new lovely jeans just waiting to be put on. Unfortunately my emotions had gotten the best of me and I ended up eating through them (emotions not the jeans that’d be weird), I regained a bunch of weight and couldn’t get my dark-rinse, boot cut jeans on. Sad. Anyways I tried them on earlier this week and they not only went on but I got them zipped too! Sure I had to lay down to make it happen and there’s a bit of a too snug issue but hey I got them on! Some of my shirts are fitting a bit better, so all-in-all I was feeling pretty darned good! Wednesday rolls around which is weigh-in day I didn’t eat great but didn’t go crazy either, I stepped on the scale. A gain of 5 pounds. FIVE POUNDS?! Are you kidding me?!

Deep breath. Step back on the scale, a gain of 3 pounds. What the? So I opt to just weigh in on Thursday because I had other things to do than obsess about what my scale was doing. Thursday led me to the same issues. So I’m going to change the battery in my scale and see if that helps before I toss the thing out the dang window! Just remember the scale/number doesn’t define us!