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I made it to the gym 3 consecutive days this week which for me I thought was pretty darned good. I did 35 minutes each day and did a little over 3 miles. Which for most probably isn’t a lot but for someone that is morbidly obese it’s a great victory, so I will happily take it. I’ve been eating well this week, even turning down girl scout cookies, pre-packaged trail mix with candy, and Parisian chocolates at my intern meeting.
Picked up a lot of fruits and veggies for this week. Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I canceled my subscription to Weight Watchers online. It was only $18.95 but with the interest on my credit card (an additional $18 a month) I couldn’t justify it. I mean really if I’m going to pay nearly $40 a month I might as well go to meetings! I’m still going to follow the points system, track them, and all that jazz but I have a points calculator that I’ll use to do it. I just can’t justify the price. Plus I don’t feel like I was really getting a lot out of the site. I get a lot of support via Sparkpeople.com and have a couple of Facebook friends I’m accountable to. I just think it’ll work out better.
I signed up for The Color Run this week! I have a great team, we’ve opted to walk this year. I’m hoping next year I’ll be able to run a couple of events. It’s exciting yet terrifying! I did lose this week, grained it was “only” 0.4 but I’ll take it. Weight loss is weight loss. I recently got approved for health insurance so that’s pretty exciting and I’m going to be honest the thought of weight loss surgery has definitely crossed my mind. I might check out a seminar and really check out the options. Any decision on that front is far from being reached. Just an idea rolling around in my brain.

I’m really hoping to shed 1.8 pounds this week that’ll put me at 10 pounds lost! But I’ll happily accept any loss! Have a great weekend!