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I gained a little this week which I sort of anticipated. But I’ve realized that hey it is OKAY! I’m not going to let a small gain (2.4 pounds) throw off my entire journey. My goal is to move more…well once I can – I pinched a nerve in my lower back so that’s slowing me down a bit. But hey it is OKAY!

I made maple bacon cupcakes and peanut butter cup cupcakes for my internship meeting. The ladies loved them! I asked if they would take the extras home for their families since my family recently started Weight Watchers. I figured by telling them about my healthy eating attempt/weight loss it’ll make me more accountable. What I know of these women they will not hesitate to call me out on it either.

A pity party – I’m really good at these especially when it comes to looking around and seeing what others are not struggling with. So what clues me into the fact that I’m relying on my own strength when it comes to my battles with food? I think some of my biggest clues are that I start justifying my “bad” food choices because of the day I’m having, mood, etc. Also when I start comparing myself to others especially women that are thinner. For example the other two interns I work with are stunning all around. They’re super nice, lovely, Christian, thin, gorgeous women. I’m like awesome I’m the fattest one and I can feel it every time I walk into the room. GREAT (rolls eyes). So of course I throw myself a little pity party but then I realize that I have NO IDEA what these women might be struggling with.We all have our own struggles and rarely do we know what others are going through. But as women we tend to be so quick to compare ourselves to others whether it’s people we know, strangers we pass on the street, or celebrities/models we see in magazines. But you know what? It’s OKAY! We don’t have to compare ourselves because God has designed us each to be unique. So stop the pity party – I know it’s easier said than done and it’s still something I struggle with. But perhaps if we tried to empower and inspire each other instead of simply comparing our flaws our attitudes towards our bodies, weights, and overall selves would be completely different.

I’m making it my goal this week to rely more on God, make an effort to stop comparing myself to other women (because I don’t know their struggles), and to move more.