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I know, I know you’re probably thinking day 1? Karri it’s a Thursday. After not having much success over the past few weeks of losing weight (I regained what I had lost and them some) I signed up for Weight Watchers online. It’s $19 a month without any start up fee or anything like that so I figured I would try it for a couple of months and go from there. So yep day 1 of Weight Watchers.

I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing and definitely determined, which works because that’s the word of the week in the Made to Crave online Bible study. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to exchange my book so I’m about ohhhhhhhhh 4 chapters behind (I was able to read chapter 1 via what the MTC admins posted). Hopefully this weekend the weather will finally cooperate and I’ll be able to exchange the book and get all caught up. It’s kind of frustrating being behind but I’ll get there.

In other areas of life I’m feeling better. I’ve moved past the ex/reconciliation thing. His loss. I still love my internship and was assigned another project last night to work on for this week. I cannot wait for the Fabulous Conference!!!! Mandisa AND Candace Cameron Bure!!!!

Today I’m headed to the gym, I haven’t been since early December. But hey that’s okay, the important thing is that I’m going back. I’m battling this weight war and I’m going to win this time. I refuse to give up.